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Intermediate frequency furnace and related ancillary equipment

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Electric furnace cooling water circulation system    

Water cycle system can according to customer needs to provide various kinds of closed loop water cooling scheme, including the use of closed circuit cooling tower or plate heat exchanger. Closed cooling tower of the machine all adopt the change the copper coil of high thermal efficiency, let the working fluid (water or other liquid) flows in the pipeline, through the fan with air natural heat exchange, a one-time finish. Energy conservation and environmental protection, the cooling line and clean and smooth. At the scene of the users only need to plug in in and out of the gate, on the power supply can be run for a long time.


Intermediate frequency electric furnace transformer

Electric furnace transformer is refers to the industrial furnace smelting with power transformer, it is according to the working characteristic of intermediate frequency electric furnace and the operation and design of special transformer

Intermediate frequency furnace special transformer its outstanding characteristic is: according to the national industry standards and designed according to the different electric furnace process, energy conservation, environmental protection, prevent harmonic, no fever, resistance to short-circuit, overload ability. Compared with the conventional with the capacity of transformer, smelting time shortened by about 20%, tons of power consumption dropped by 70kwh; Annual output calculated at 3000 tons, can saving electricity each year about 210000 kwh

The product is suitable for below 30 tons of intermediate frequency furnace is special. High side voltage is 10 kv to 35 kv. The voltage on the low voltage side is divided into: 400 v, 660 v, 750 v, 850 v, 950 v, 1000 v, 1100 v, 1250 v, 1500 v. Its structure points: no reactor and has two kinds of reactor, and a large impedance and structure to meet the needs of the use of small impedance.


Intermediate frequency furnace dust collection device

Intermediate frequency furnace dust smoke hood system adopts the whole closed type set (set the smoke dust cover, front set smoke ring), effectively make up for the previous cover type, such as the umbrella cover rotations during charging and discharging not capture, such as faults. Heng Yang steel shell furnace cover design has two kinds of smoke, cover and ring smoke dust removal device, the user can choose according to need configuration, smoking to match the various forms of organization in order to obtain the ideal environmental protection and energy saving effect.


Lining launch device

For convenience of lining whole launched operation, reduce the working strength, to provide efficient, heng Yang provides automatic lining launch institutions.


Long distance Control Platform    

Power cupboard is placed in the basement, the local control panel is used for the operation, control smelting system.

Remote work station for workers in a furnace operation platform to start power supply, stop, and reset operation.

PLC and man-machine interface has a convenient operation manager of smelting, features include: automatic oven, cold start, fault diagnosis, fault information display and storage, running information shows that the system status display, etc.


Furnace body weighing system

According to customer requirements, which can be installed in the furnace body weighing system, and the molten iron weight data transmission to the operating platform of PLC, and through the touch screen display, convenient and intuitive reflect the weight of the liquid within the furnace, convenient for operating personnel composition adjustment and production arrangement. At the same time, also can realize the automatic smelting system, can according to the grades of material single recipe automatic control burden weighing and luck, error automatic compensation, automatic out-of-tolerance alarm, printed out ingredients data, ingredients of high precision, fast; Accurate ingredients to ensure the stability of hot metal ingredients, to produce high quality hot metal provides a powerful guarantee!


Electromagnetic dosing loading system

Electric disk batching system: used in magnetic conductivity metal furnace charge with luck, microcomputer control automatic batching, manual adjustable magnetic ingredients in two ways; Microcomputer automatic batching can guarantee the accuracy of the molten iron quality, reduce the conditioning time, improve the quality of castings. Also can be configured transport, transit agencies.

Electricity disk loading system, cast steel, cast iron used in metallurgy, machinery factory workshop of electric furnace, cupola furnace after lifting pig iron, foundry return, scrap etc metal furnace charge and steel plate, can also be used for foundry sand cleaning, casting crane and other occasions. Greatly reduce the labor intensity of workers, have made it possible to automatic precise ingredients, the economic benefit is obvious


Automatic charging car

Vibration/hydraulic car, hot metal ladle/charter of feeding the steel, the use of the charging car improve the charging efficiency and safety, reducing the manual operation. The use of hot metal ladle/charter except meet the environmental protection effect, reduce the leakage (steel furnace tapping the probability of accidents, such as make the intermediate frequency furnace tapping more safety. 


Ladle, the hot metal ladle baking equipment

Vertical cast iron package roaster is in a certain period of time to hot metal ladle heating to meet the needs of the process of a device that can rapid heating. This device adopts vertical structure, package cover vertical elevation. Driving force is provided by the installed in the ground electric putter, traction, hollow plate and axis of rotation drive the spiral arms upward bag cover rotated 85 °, so the ladle can away through the line. Combustion with air support side up from the ground caused by the hollow axis of rotation, the rotating hinged to the hollow slewing beam, finally cause the burner to participate in the combustion.


Metallurgical casting factory smoke prevention and dust control system

Intermediate frequency smelting furnace flue gas dust removal USES the full closed fume collection form, because the whole closed type collect smoke cover is installed in the security cover around the furnace, for occasional produce small blasting in the smelting, take the action of safe protection.

Using two levels of dust: capture a whirlwind dust removing box bag dedusting + induced draft fan +  pulse points vent, took a series of measures to ensure the flue gas into the bag of temperature is not higher than 120 ° C, according to the different condition automatically adjust the air volume, achieve the goal of reliable and durable, energy saving. Stage can be realized in flue gas charging, smelting process, the whole process iron/steel trap.