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Introduction and application

This is the device converting three phase power current into single phase intermediate frequency current and enabling metal to produce eddy current loss through electromagnetic field induction to achieve heating and melting and is,products are widely used in steel. Copper, aluminum and other metal smelting or heat. Is mainly used in steel making, casting metal smelting industry! 

Performances and features

1、Using a zero-voltage scanning soft-start mode, in any case may at any time to start or stop, will not have impact on power supply.

2、Rapid melting (single furnace melting time fastest < 30 minutes), low production costs (per tons of power consumption < 530 degrees); Pollution is small, accord with environmental protection requirements;

3、A direct effect from the cold furnace melting. Dissolved material will be fully dumped clean. Molten material easy to replace.

4、Power adjustment flexibility. Be able to continuously smooth adjustment. Temperature uniformity can be easily controlled. Oxidation burning less. Metal components evenly.

5、Furnace shell using cast aluminum or steel structure, small footprint; furnace flip dump convenience, according to the need to use electric, manual, hydraulic tilting furnace and other means.

6、New features can realize full automatic remote control, also includes the PLC programmable controller and HMI man-machine interface or industrial control computer system and industrial control configuration software and all kinds of sensors, etc. Can realize automatic constant temperature, automatic sintering, anti wear furnace alarm, such as automation, more safe, more convenient!

★Automatic constant temperature :Can be pre-set furnace water temperature requirements of a range of values, one-click startup and attain the goal of automatic constant temperature; Compared with the traditional artificial temperature control, automatic constant temperature function will save time and more sensitive、more accurate,easier to control furnace water temperature and oxidation burning loss less, metal components uniform casting product quality is better;

★ Automatic sintering: sintering furnace is a relatively complex and lengthy process temperature curve, to extend the service life of the furnace, reducing production costs, the correct build furnace linning process is essential.

our company innovative automatic sintering function according to the different lining refractory's requirements, pre-set required time and temperature by the different stages of furnace; PLC based on the value preset time and temperature, one click start, automatic matching and stepless regulation of intermediate frequency power, control heating rate, prevent lining cracks, and achieve the goal of automatic sintering curve. Is to avoid the artificial misoperation and at the same time reduce the labor time and intensity of the workers.

★Wear furnace alarm:Alarm system working principle is: after the furnace using the time to a certain extent, the furnace wall will gradually thinning, frequency current will change according to the furnace wall, after the current rate reaches the preset value will make alarm to remind in advance, then automatically cut off power supply, prevent wear furnace and achieve the goal of safe production.

The latest model of Hengyang company“One-drag-two IF Induction Melting Furnace”with one set of IF power supply drag two furnace body work at the same time.

Only need to adjust the power button(or Digital operation screen),can achieve the power distribution between the two furnace.

The total power of the medium frequency power supply can be arbitrary distribution between two furnace body, to achieve one furnace for melting another furnace for holding effect, continued uninterrupted melting mode. greatly improve the production, energy saving practical, won the majority of customer acceptance and love.

==Main Models And Technical Parameters==

※ The furnace capacity is based on the density of steel 7.8

※ melting time and power consumption have an important relationship because of equipment matching power, raw material shape, raw material density, the degree of skilled workers and other factors;

 The above figure that power consumption (kwH / T)is a new series of intermediate frequency power consumption, ordinary parallel power supply will consume 15% or more.

※ Equipment configuration: IF power supply, capacitor box, furnace body (steel or aluminum shell), hydraulic station (or reduction box) Tilting system, water cooling cable ... ... and so on

※ The above is the standard product data, according to user needs to design different power, different melting speed of non standard products;

IF Furnace Selection Guide

1,Ordinary KGPS IF parallel power supply、IGBT series IF power supply And the latest model of KGCL series IF power comparative selection

1)Ordinary KGPS Silicon Parallel Inverter IF Power Supply

The advantage is:The past few decades has been the most widely used, low price, easy maintenance, Reasonable price of accessories.

The disadvantage is:High energy consumption, per ton of molten iron power consumption is greater than 700 Kw.h/T. Adjust the DC voltage mode control power, the power factor is low(≧0.90),harmonic interference substation reactive power compensation capacitor running with varying degrees of impact. 

2)IGBT series IF power supply inverter 

The advantage is:The rectifier using full wave rectifier, LC filter using capacitors and inductors way that the power factor of over 0.96,without harmonic interference.Inverter part adopts series inverter working mode,Work load in the case of the high-voltage small current,Copper loss small and greatly improving the efficiency. Per ton of molten iron power consumption is less than 600 Kw.h/T 。

The disadvantage is:IGBT IF power supply to the work environment request high,Less stable, easily damaged, expensive repair costs.

3)KGCL SCR series inverter IF power supply

KGCL SCR series inverter power supply inherit the above two kind of product advantages,Using full-wave rectifier power,In the whole work procedure rectifier always in full open state (equivalent to diode rectifier);The power factor of the device is always at the highest state(≧0.96).Does not produce high harmonics,no pollution to electric network,Do not affect substation reactive power compensation capacitor operation KGCL than KGPS Silicon Parallel Inverter IF Power Supply saving of about 20%(Per tons of power consumption about 530 degrees). The total power of the medium frequency power supply can be arbitrary distribution between two furnace body, to achieve one furnace for melting another furnace for holding effect.

KGCL SCR series inverter IF power supply is our company focus on promotion of intermediate frequency furnace energy saving latest products

2,Aluminum Shell furnace and Steel Shell furnace Selection

Steel Shell furnace: Made of high quality steel welding,Leakage-proof furnace alarm device,inductor around the yoke closure,Covering more than 65%。Because of the Small magnetic leakage,High efficiency,Steel shell furnace than aluminum shell furnace save nearly 5% energy consumption.Equipped with a leakproof furnace alarm device, can be predicted in advance to achieve the purpose of safe production. Steel shell design of a smoke hood and smoking ring two dust removal system, in line with environmental assessment requirements, the user can choose according to the needs of the configuration

Aluminum Shell furnace: Using gear box for tilting; furnace with casting aluminum alloy. Inexpensive, easy maintenance, convenient observation. The disadvantage is low efficiency, electromagnetic radiation unshielded.