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Medium Frequency Coreless Induction Melting Furnace

Introduction and application

   This is the device converting three phase power current into single phase intermediate frequency current and enabling metal to produce eddy current loss through electromagnetic field induction to achieve heating and melting and is,products are widely used in steel. Copper, aluminum and other metal smelting or heat. 

Is mainly used in steel making, casting metal smelting industry!

IF Furance whole set:Power Supply and Furnace Body


Power Supply  Character

   This equipment can be control by Fully automatic, including PLC programmable controller and HMI man-machine interface or industrial control computer system and industrial control configuration software and various sensors etc.automatic constant temperature、auto-Baking、anti-leakage alarm operation Etc.more convenient and  security!

★  Energy-efficient KGCL series one-Drag-two (one furnace smelting and another one heat-preservation) dual power supply design

   KGCL medium frequency series power supply can realize single power supply, double power supply and Multi-power  supply configuration

   The latest model ”one-drag-two IF induction Melting Furnace” is with one set of IF power supply with  two furnace body working at the same time.Equipment utilization rates 100%, only by adjusting the power knob (or digital operation panel), can achieve The total power of the intermediate frequency power supply can be distributed between the two furnaces, also achieve one furnace to melt another furnace preserve heat. Large castings can be made in one - time casting or continuous supply of molten iron in the production line. continuous smelting mode has greatly improved the production capacity, energy saving and practicability, Our product is widely accepted and loved by customers all over the world.

★  Advanced Computer Smelting Management System

   Smelting management computer, digital main control board, PLC and other equipment constitute a network system. It can be managed in the office by extension of the switch. With Ethernet port, USB interface and unique IP address, data acquisition, transmission and monitoring can be realized anywhere in the world, providing remote diagnosis for you,and quickly and timely troubleshooting.

★ Full Digital on-site Smelting Control System

   Automatic constant temperature, automatic furnace drying, power distribution display, intelligent smelting management, display and storage of fault information etc.

   This equipment can be control by Fully automatic, including PLC programmable controller and HMI man-machine interface or industrial control computer system and industrial control configuration software and various sensors etc., can be achieved with foundry equipment and operating configuration, and join various tools, including remote displays, temperature measuring instrument, thermal analyzer, spectrometer, demand controller and large screen display etc. more convenient and  security!

★ Remote Operating Table

   If the power supply cabinet placed in the basement when the remote console  placed on the furnace,  can carry out other functions of start, stop and reset operation of medium frequency power supply. The remote console is equipped with a large-sized touch screen、PLC and the human-machine interface are composed of an on-site smelting manager that is convenient operation features include: automatic furnace drying, cold start, fault diagnosis, fault information display and storage, operation information, system status display.

★ Fault Detection (protection) Display

   The real-time tracking and protection of the running equipment can detect the abnormal value of load short circuit, over-current, over-pressure, water pressure and high water temperature. It will timely feedback to the control system, and achieve automatic shutdown . In addition, the damage of Thyristor, compensation capacitor, voltage transformer and other components will automatically stop and light out the corresponding indicator.

IF Furnace Selection Guide

1、Common KGPS thyristor parallel intermediate frequency power supply.

   Advantage: it is the most widely used in the past few, easy maintenance, reasonable price of spare parts.  

   Disadvantage:high energy consumption, electric consumption of steel water about 650 Kwh/Ton.By adjusting the power of dc voltage, the power factor is low (less than 0.90), and there is harmonic interference, which has different influence on the operation of reactive power compensation capacitor.

2、New energy-saving KGCL thyristor series medium frequency power supply.

   Using full-wave rectifier power supply series, in the whole working process of the rectifier is always in a state of full open (equivalent to a diode rectifier), do not produce higher harmonic, basic no pollution to power network, does not affect the operation of substation reactive power compensation capacitor.Achieve international harmonic current and voltage allowable value!

   Compared with common parallel inverter power energy saving about 20%.(cast iron about 530 kwh/T)

KGCL SCR series inverter IF power supply is our company focus on promotion of intermediate frequency furnace energy saving latest products


Furnace Body  Character

IF Furnace Body Guid Selections

A、Aluminum shell furnace

   Adopt reducer tilting furnace device; The furnace body is made of alloy aluminum casting. Inexpensive, easy to maintain, easy to observe. The disadvantage is that electromagnetic radiation is unshielded, efficiency and service life are relatively low. 

B、Steel shell furnace

   Adopt the hydraulic station tilting furnace device, the furnace body adopts high quality steel structure welding, safer, firm, durable; The sensor is enclosed with a magnetic yoke, covering an area is over 65%. Because of the leakage is small, the efficiency is high, compared with the aluminum shell furnace save nearly 5% energy consumption. It is equipped with an alarm device for preventing leakage, which can be predicted in advance to achieve safe production.

Steel shell furnace has two kinds of dust removal systems, which meet the requirements of environmental protection, and the user can choose the configuration according to their requirement.

Whole furnace includes: open furnace body, induction coil, magnetic yoke.

   Configuration includes: anti-falling device, alarm device for leakage protection, quick release mechanism of furnace lining, weighing system of furnace body, dust collecting cover or dust collecting ring removal system, furnace Reclining slag structure... !

1、Open Furnace

   the steel frame furnace of HengYang electric furnace is the equipment with high safety, strong, high efficiency, energy saving and convenient maintenance in the induction melting system. The basic design is: the two cylinder with thick wall seamless rectangular steel tube welding into one structure, the furnace body maximum Angle 95 degrees. With vacuum cover (heat preservation cover), the upper end of the induction furnace can be disassembled to facilitate the replacement of the coil. The unique shock absorber and solid magnetic yoke structure, which combines the advantages of steel cylinder shell and steel tank furnace, is easy for daily maintain, and the overall structure is simple and secure.

2、Induction Coil

   Assembled by a solid, durable, highly conductive oxygen-free copper tube .The water-cooled coil and the effective coil are integrally formed by a copper tube without segmentation. The two adjacent copper tubes of the induction coil are strictly insulated and adopt advanced segmentation technology. After the surface of the coil is sandblasted, it is used as an insulating coating layer, and then it is poured into an integral body with a coil of cement slurry to prevent the coil from damaging the device by discharging iron yoke through iron chips or dust. The overall structure is strong and there is no deformation problem.


    The induction coil is surrounded by a solid oriented yoke,This design isolation eliminates the induction heating of the furnace body and the metal material outside the furnace.

    The yoke is evenly stressed by the rail bolts and provides maximum holding force to the coil to ensure a strong working life of the lining.

   ③ yoke Each cooling water circuit has flow, temperature protection, and temperature display. 

    The yoke covers more than 70% of the area and guides and concentrates the induced electromagnetic field into the furnace. Because the magnetic flux leakage is small, the electromagnetic radiation is reduced and the maximum electrical efficiency is obtained.

HengYang Furnace Manufacture Character

1、Two kinds of dust removal systems for the medium frequency: Dust Hood and Dust Ring

   Dust hood (ring) through a certain fan to absorb dust, waste gas generated in smelting to reach and improve the effect of exhaust emissions and meet the design requirements of government environmental department. User can choose different configuration according to their own need. 

Characteristics of Cyclone and Side Suction Type Environmental Protection Dust  Cover

★ The cyclone dust hood

   has the excellent dust absorption effect, takes up less space, can be tilted back and forth and any place stops. It is suitable for all automatic feeding and discharging of foundry.

★ Side suction type dust removal ring

   there is no forward and backward turning mechanism, and the installation is simple. It is suitable for those foundry who cannot use Dust Removal Hood due to some special feeding way of semi-automatic or artificial feeding.

2、Fully intelligent automation and humanized functional design

★  Chang-over Switch

   Changeover switch is a kind of electric quick switch used in medium frequency electric furnace: easy to operate, safe and reliable

   It’s convenient to use, shortens the furnace switching time, improves the efficiency, reduces the labor intensity of the workers, and can easily achieve the switching of the medium frequency power supply to the heat-preservation furnace and the melting furnace, which has great practicality.

★  Automatic Thermostatic Function

   the range value of the furnace water temperature can be set up in advance, and the automatic thermostat is realized by the one-click start; Compared with the traditional manual control temperature, the automatic constant temperature function will save time and trouble, more sensitive and accurate, and the furnace water temperature is more Easy to control, less oxidation damage, better quality of cast metal components uniform.

★ Automatic Furnace Drying Function

   Furnace Drying is a relatively complex and long curve heating process. It is very important to extend the service life of the furnace of the intermediate frequency furnace and reduce the production cost and correct drying furnace. The company's innovative automatic oven function can preset the time and temperature required by different oven stages according to the furnace temperature requirements of different lining refractories; according to the PLC pre-set time and temperature values, one-click start , Automatic matching and stepless regulation of the size of the IF power, control the heating rate, to prevent cracks in the lining, and to achieve the purpose of automatic curve oven. This avoids manual misuse and also reduces the labor time and intensity of workers.

★ furnace Leak-Proof Alarm Function

   HengYang has special dual leak-proof furnace alarm function, using differential current mode and DC Infusion double combination detection. It provides a very reliable leakage furnace and a full range of quick protection for any ground fault. The detection system has an early warning function. When the lining is thinned to a certain degree, a warning light will be given in advance to alert the user that the life of the lining will come to an end, and that the furnace can be predicted in advance to achieve the goal of safe production. Solve the customer problem because constant use until can’t be turned on, well as there is material inside of the furnace but can not continue to melt.

★ Furnace weighing function

   According to customer requirements, the weighing system can be installed in the furnace, and the weight data of the molten iron can be transmitted to the operating platform PLC and displayed through the touch screen. The weight of the molten metal in the furnace body can be conveniently and intuitively displayed, facilitating the adjustment of the composition and output of the operator arrangement. At the same time, the system can also be automated melting. It can automatically control the charge and charge of according to the recipes of various brands, automatic error compensation, automatic over-alarm, printing and recording of material data, high precision and high speed of ingredients; the accurate ingredients guarantee the stability of hot metal ingredients, and the production of high-quality iron water Provide a strong guarantee!

★ Lining Out Structure

   Once the furnace temperature is cooled below 400°C, turn the furnace to 90°degree, lift the cylinder with a crane, place the flange of the cylinder on a pre-designed rail in the bottom of the furnace, start the hydraulic pump station, and easily push out the lining.Reduce work intensity and improve work efficiency.