2、Congratulation have been ISO9001 and CE certified and been award with ,among others,High Quality Product and Faithful Organization prizes. 1、Congratulation our company has been granted the rights of self-managed import and export. welcome customers new or old at home orabroad here to investigate and negotiate for cooperation.

Extend a warm welcome to our company technical personnel going abroad ( bangladesh ) debug equipment smooth return

Time: 2012-12-21 09:40:27     

recently , our company export bangladesh a batch of equipment . in the customer ’s enthusiasm invitation , and in line with the customer a serious and responsible attitude ,Our company sent technical personnel of mr . wang far to bangladesh debugging equipment , so as to make the customer as soon as possible into production for the creation of the profits.


Our Company debugging personnel not negative company the bracket , smooth debugging task , in yesterday smoothly return to the company , commissioning a half month , during mr . wang will equipment use among should notice , and equipment repair and maintenance in oral and practical guide to the way to convey to foreign clients , and made it seem complicated to understand the operation of the knowledge to become simple and clear , subject to foreign customers !

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