2、Congratulation have been ISO9001 and CE certified and been award with ,among others,High Quality Product and Faithful Organization prizes. 1、Congratulation our company has been granted the rights of self-managed import and export. welcome customers new or old at home orabroad here to investigate and negotiate for cooperation.

North Korea customer order GW-5000 intermediate frequency smelting equipment

Time: 2012-12-20 09:40:02     

north korea customer come to guangdong , china the intermediate frequency electric furnace manufacturers , after i division of the technical staff of professional practice , the scene of the melting metal show to clients , by contrast , the customer to our company if smelting equipment gw - 5 000 ( 5 tons ) of the melting result is very satisfactory , on - the - spot signed a purchase contract hy 20110715 number file to buy intermediate frequency smelting of complete sets of equipment , the customer i products much appreciated , put forward to a long-term cooperation and hope my company paid for the equipment of the life technical support .

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